Modified Child Support After Changes In Income

Modified Child Support After Changes In Income – If you are looking for Modified Child Support After Changes In Income then here are some ways mentioned through which you can re apply or modify child support. Income changes can be anywhere. You can have income change in any sector. Changes can be an increase or a decrease. If you want to add some money or want to reduce the money you can file a petition or hire a lawyer for the same.

Modified Child Support After Changes In Income

If you contribute to child support maintenance and have a hike or decrease in your income then you can notify the court or hire a private attorney. Changes will be made in a legal way and will be provided to your partner as well. So, Continue reading the blog and get to know how are modifications made. This blog contains all the important information.

Procedures for Changing Child Support

If you want changes in your child support then you are supposed to file a petition in the court in order to modify the child support. The court will then review the order passed three years ago or the last one. Changes will be made according to the current income.

Now the judge will take a look at the child support amounts and will compare it with the parent’s income. If the parent can show a difference of a minimum of 15% between the previous pay and current income then the changes will be made. This means that the modification is only possible if there is a difference of 15%.

The last criterion that is included is that if the situation comes before the completion of three years since the last order has passed then that is included under the substantial change in circumstances.

What are the substantial changes in circumstances for child support modification?

Changes can be on the positive side or on the negative side also. If a parent has an increase or a decrease the changes are made accordingly but for that, you always have to file a petition in court.

  • An unexpected decrease in the parent’s income – Sometimes it becomes unavoidable and one can have an unexpected decrease in the income. This only happens if the person has no role in it. For example, if you are fired from a job because of the financial situation at the workplace whereas if you are fired because of your bad performance, it is never suitable for a child support modification.
  • Change in income due to one’s will – This happens when a parent voluntarily refuses to work or chooses a work with less pay. However, it can still be considered if the child’s need is reduced. Furthermore, a change in parents’ income is not enough in this situation. The court also sees if the child’s needs have decreased or increased.
  • Unemployment due to imprisonment – This happens when one of the parents has been locked up. And a parent is unable to pay for the child’s support.

Hire a lawyer for modification

It is always preferable if you hire a lawyer to make some changes. A lawyer can guide you perfectly in the modification. You can have a brief knowledge if the changes are even possible. Modification is possible under substantial circumstances. In addition, the modifications are also made according to the family situation. Legal advice will always help you go in the right direction. Since it is a legal matter you should never ignore seeking legal guidance.

Know about the Child Support Calculator

The child support calculator is used to calculate a child support fund that is required after the parents get separated. Child Support Calculator is a WordPress plugin used for the obligation of parents. It removes the complexities of calculating the child support that each parent has to pay. By using this calculator you can have a rough estimate of how much you have to pay for your child’s support. This plugin is very easy to use and can easily be set up. The plugin will very simply calculate the monthly obligation from your income. In addition, the plugin is easy to install and you can contact us for the same. Therefore, you can really find this plugin useful. For the right calculations, you can use this calculator.


Child support is each parent’s duty whether it is a father or a mother. For a secure future for your child, you must abide by these duties. For simplification, the Child Support Calculator is absolutely helpful. So, if you are planning to separate or are in the process then try this calculator and we assure you that it will be very helpful. Lastly, the calculator can also help you get in touch with some renowned lawyers in your locality. Try the calculator now and seek installation help from our team.



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Use this child support calculator to estimate your child support payments based on your state’s guidelines*
Before we can get started we need a little of information from you. Please provide the following information to complete your child support calculation.

Demo Calculate

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Use this child support calculator to estimate your child support payments based on your state’s guidelines*
Before we can get started we need a little of information from you. Please provide the following information to complete your child support calculation.
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Information About Your Children
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