How To Lower A Child Support Obligation

How To Lower A Child Support Obligation – Filing a petition with the court is necessary to reduce or alter child support payments. Well, if you want to lower the child support obligation then here is How To Lower A Child Support Obligation. 

How To Lower A Child Support Obligation

Lowering child support becomes important when one of the two parents has a decrease in their salary. It is important to then go for some modification. However, to modify the salary you must have a good justification to do. And that is why it is always suggested to seek an attorney’s help. 

Guidelines to lower the child support

The child support guidelines of North Carolina and other states in the United States state that there must be a good reason to modify the current child support. In addition, it is only possible when either of the party is going through some situation in their lives. 

To have a modification, the one wanting to lower the child support should file a petition in court. He or she should also take care of the time which is how many years have passed since the last verdict. The child support obligation is only lowered in some serious situations such as the loss of a job or reduced salary. Some other issues can be medical issues, criminal, or any other. In such situations, modification can be done. But all these should be legitimate. 

Reduce the child support payment

Well, the first step towards the lowering of child support payment is that the parent must file a Motion to Modify. The file is a petition that is supposed to be filed in court. Furthermore, Court asks for evidence that supports the petition. The substantial circumstance is only how it is possible to reduce child support. 

Here are some common situations when the request is granted:

  • Income change: Since the last verdict if by any chance the income of any parent is reduced then he or she can apply for the modification in the child support payment. This can be a good justification and in most cases this is acceptable. 
  • Arrangements for Custody Have Changed: Modifications are also made when the custody is changed. The other has to pay more. It can either lower or increase. 
  • Consideration Given to Changes in Costs: If the health insurance costs have a sudden but decent increase then it will automatically result in a decrease in child support. 

Know about other financial changes

Other financial changes can be when a parent is paying for extra curricular activities or tuition. With the increase in educational costs, child support payment is instantly lowered. Also, if the parent is having another child with the new spouse then he or she has to pay less. The court earlier ordered to pay for the single child but after having a new child the parent has to look after that as well. So, this automatically lowers the child support payment. 

Violation of child support payment

Parents who are supposed to pay for child support are unable to pay for it then some serious action is taken against the. Some of the serious actions are such as:

  • A heavy fine or jail or both
  • Wage garnishment, such as for unemployment and worker’s compensation
  • Confiscation of tax refunds
  • Withdrawal of a passport
  • Various licenses, including professional, driver’s, hunting/fishing/boating, may be suspended, revoked, or denied.

Learn how to use a child support calculator

The calculator is relatively easy to use since its primary purpose is to determine how much each parent should pay the child for child support. Furthermore, the calculator is absolutely easy to use. You can easily use this calculator. For installation also you can contact our team. For any further knowledge about the calculator or plugin, you can contact our team. Here is the link to the calculator. Click here and you can use the child support calculator now. 


We hoped this blog was informative. The information listed above is accurate and pertinent. All the information regarding the changes in child support is mentioned here. We hope this article was profitable and that you are now aware of the main information. 



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Use this child support calculator to estimate your child support payments based on your state’s guidelines*
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Demo Calculate

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Use this child support calculator to estimate your child support payments based on your state’s guidelines*
Before we can get started we need a little of information from you. Please provide the following information to complete your child support calculation.
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